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AUG. 5th, 9:00PM


Edison Studio 4040 West Edison Street Tulsa, OK 74127 United States

As Quetzalcoatl Reborn comes to life in Toreon Mexico and in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the local press is taking notice.


The image to the right is featured in La ERED, a Mexican periodical focusing on art and culture.  Click on the image on the right to  read the article in Spanish. 


Escultura lagunera llegará a Nevada para el Festival de Arte Burning Man

The Glass Studio where the large stained glass pieces are part of the story and is featured here in the article in  El Signo de Torreaon.  

Tulsa World recently covered the collaborative 28 foot sculpture created by Tulsa artist Lisa Regan and Mexican artist Leyla Brashka for Burning Man.  

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