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Quezalcoatl from Teotehuacan


The Burning Man experience evokes themes of transformation, renewal and rebirth that are central to "Quetzalcoatl,"  the ancient Mesoamerican deity and cultural heritage of Mexico.  Symbolizing the duality of creation and destruction, life and death, and the cyclical nature of the universe, Quetzalcoatl was considered the god of wind, of the morning star, and of learning and knowledge.

Our goal is to express the richness inherent in the ancestral heritage Mexico has as a Country, full of diverse cultures, tribes and traditions and to honor that heritage through sharing a bit of it throughout one of it´s most important goddess and intriguing mythological creatures that is Quetzalcoatl.


Maintain it's strength and power in every person that tell its legend and worship this goddess. Keeping alive its essence by his powerful presence, visually telling its legend to whomever is open to listen.


The ancient cultures in Mexico were very wise and they live related to natural elements whom they worshipped and had as gods, as Tlaloc being the Rain God, their pyramids were made in relation to astronomy and they lived in a community minded life.


Transmit we are all in essence goddess, a gorgeous hybrid of our animal instinct and our divinity, where we are all connected to Mother Earth and each other. How community minded life resides in our origins and together we can make amazing things happen.

Statue of Quetzalcoatl
Colored Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl Everywhere You Look

quetz in cancunA-4.jpg
AI generated Quetzalcoatl
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